June 3rd

12-1:30 PM

Herb Walk with Master Herbalist Julia Graves

 Discover Your Green Friends.  In days gone past, everyone knew at least 150 edible plants and most of what grew by the roadside and which ills those plants could cure. This is a discovery herb walk for all those who are plant enthusiasts, for those to whom all in nature looks just green, as well as practising herbalists. Talking about how to use the plants we encounter, Julia will also explain thedoctrine of signatures, the ancient Language of Plants which is Nature's way of showing us the healing properties of each plant. You will never look at Nature with the same eyes again. Great for kids, too!  $ 25, free for children up to 11, half price for teenagers and students.  

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June 3

2:30-4:30 pm

Healing and Soul Retrieval with Flowers- the Spiritual Warrior Flower Essences

Flowers and flower essences are ideal for soul healing. Life is full of hurts, and in our times, many people feel threatened or surrounded by too many negative influences. After an attack, we may feel numb or vague, or not quite ourselves anymore. They key to doing well under such circumstances is to keep feeling strong and courageous. The Spiritual Warrior Essences help us stay upright in the face of challenge and adversity, and to recover from any adversity to feeling fully ourselves again. Hailing from the Thistle clan of the Sunflower botanical family, these spiny and well-defended plants help us rig up our natural soul defenses in an increasingly changing world.In this class, we will talk about the single essences, as well as try them to sense the effect. Hands-on and simple do-it-yourself self-healing.  $ 30. 

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